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Prostate Cancer  

No One Should Face Cancer Alone

About Our Group

Friendly and Supportive

We are a group for men with, and who have had prostate cancer, and live in  West Essex and South Hertfordshire, although anyone who can attend our meetings in Epping is welcome.

ProActive is a self help group for prostate cancer patients, run by and for its members, to offer support and encouragement to patients and their families, and to exchange information and experiences.


Whilst we have the active support of local health professionals, ProActive is independent of West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group, St Margaret’s and Princess Alexandra’s Hospitals. 


You and your partner are welcome to come to our meetings, where you can find reassurance on life after prostate cancer, and most of all, meet men (and their partners) who have been through the same problems and who still have an active life after prostate cancer.

Our Mission

A Helping Hand

It is frightening to be told you have prostate cancer.
You were probably given booklets and pamphlets explaining the various treatments available to you. But with so many different treatments available, and having to make your own decision as to what treatment you should go for is not only confusing but very daunting.
It is for this reason, a group of members, diagnosed with prostate cancer, formed a self-help group many years ago to help people in your situation.
Unlike a booklet or pamphlet, you will get real life views and experiences from our members which will greatly assist you in making up your mind from the various treatments available.
There is a wealth of knowledge regarding different current treatments which have been experienced by our members and you will be in a much better position to make an informed decision as to which of the treatments you prefer.
Our mission therefore, is to help you understand your options and take some of the fear of the unknown away from you.

Our Meetings

An Informal Affair

ProActive is open to men with prostate cancer and their families living in the West Essex and South Hertfordshire area. At present we meet to provide and exchange information. We have a telephone help line (0774 737 4692) and you can also email us and also see our facebook page.

ProActive meets on the first Friday of each month from 10.30am to 12.30 pm at St Margaret’s Hospital, Epping, 

Our meetings are held in:-

The Laurels

 St Margaret’s Hospital, The Plain, Epping, Essex, CM16 6TN.

Our meetings are very informal – we meet and chat, and usualy have a speaker who can talk about an aspect of prostate cancer, including the effects on the individual and his family.


Contact Us

Get in touch with ProActive Self-Help Prostate Cancer Group to discover more about what we do.

St.Margaret's Hospital, The Plain,Epping, Essex, CM16 6TN, UK

0774 737 4692

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